Concorrentes do 80edays agradecem aos Portugueses


Obrigado 80edays! Foi um prazer enorme poder ajudar. Continuação de boa viagem.

Notícia retirada do site oficial do evento80edays

“Driving from Barcelona through Zaragoza, Madrid and Salamanca the 80edays teams reached the finish line of the shortest stage of the European part of the route, arriving in Lisbon, Portugal. Reaching the departure place on time and covering more than 1300 km, ELDURO was warmly welcomed in Lisbon by President of Portugal association of EV Users UVE ( Henrique Sánchez and Vice-president Pedro Isidoro and other members of the association.

Now teams will pass throw first cargo process, which will end for 11 EVs with a take off to the North America continent, where 80edays will start the second part of the route from Halifax.

After passing some organizational arrangements and taking part at Elcora Advanced Materials Corporation EVents teams will finally come back on the road and continue their round-the-world journey.”

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